“How to protect your biggest investment”…more and more buyers have been asking for a “Buyers Agent” that works exclusively for them, not sellers. You can’t have partial loyalty; an agent either works for you or works for someone else".

"You save big bucks by hiring a Buyers Broker"

"Buyers Brokers are agents that Buyers can tell their own.  If your agent is not a buyer's broker, he works for the seller."

"Confide to a Traditional Real Estate Broker that your'e prepared to bid as much as $XXX on a house and the broker will tip off the seller. Tell a Buyer's Broker and the seller will never know".

"Consider hiring a single agent, that means hiring a Buyer's Broker who does not take sales listings".

"Exclusive agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interest, which is the main reason for considering a Buyer Broker in the first place".

"Consumer Groups strongly endorse the use of Buyers Broker to avoid conflicts of interest".

"Only by using an Exclusive Buyers Agent can a buyer be sure that all information is kept confidential.  Only an Exclusive Buyers Agent can give the buyer an objective, experienced opinion of the homes viewed to ensure the buyer gets the right home in the right location".

"A Buyer's Broker is prohibited from disclosing to a seller that the buyer can, or will, pay more than what has been offered...to eliminate the conflict of interest, hire one".

"If you want someone to represent only your interests, consider hiring an "exclusive Buyer's Agent who will be working for you".

Internationally acclaimed financial specialist recommends exclusive Buyers Agents for home purchase.

"Ralph Nadar again held up Exclusive Buyer Brokerage as the only legitimate options from the home buying public".

Plus more Exclusive Buyer Agent endorsements from…


Consumer Federation of America

Washington Post

Good Housekeeping

Diversion Magazine for Physicians

Readers Digest

Business Week

Chicago Sun Times

Business Journal

Los Angeles Times

Chicago Tribune

Women’s World

Senior Life Style

Bangor Daily News

Baltimore Sun

News Day

Country Living

San Francisco Examiner

…and dozens more recommendations from consumer advocates, reporters, and other media recommends Exclusive Buyers Agents.