9 Dumbest Things I Have Heard in a Florida Real Estate Transaction

9 Dumbest Things I Have Heard in a Florida Real Estate Transaction

Here are some true happenings that I think you will find entertaining... 

#1 “Windows don’t need to work” 

Seller's Agent: “I lived in this house myself before I sold it to the current owner and I never used the windows...so, they do NOT need to work” 

Buyer’s Agent: “Windows are designed to open...and let in fresh air...and it could also be considered a safety feature to escape the house in case of a fire.”

The seller's agent wanted the home inspector to change his report and remove the fact that the windows did not open. He refused. Of course we had the seller fix all the windows… 

#2 “The 2 outdoor sheds are not part of the sale” 

Seller's Agent: “Yes, I do know that the sheds are dilapidated due to termite damage, but the sheds are not included with the house…” 

Buyers Agent: “But the sheds are mentioned as a bonus and listed in your MLS description of the house.” 

Seller's Agent: “That does not mean it is included in the sale, so we do not need to fix it.” 

Buyers Agent: “But the sheds are also included in the signed contract…” 

If something is included in the contract, it is part of the sale…regardless of what any agent says. Yes, we did get our buyer a nice credit for the dilapidated sheds. 

#3 “You can’t offer less than full price”...says the seller's/builders agent 

(This was a multi-million dollar spec home in a very high end community) 

The same Builders Sellers/Agent also told my buyers that they cannot hire an attorney and that the buyer must use their affiliate title company…

1. Don’t believe everything the seller's agent says. Buyer does not need to offer full price just because the builder’s agent said so…(and this was not a multiple offer situation) 

2. Buyer is paying for title insurance and can choose whoever they want to provide the title work and they do not need to use the seller's affiliate...it's even stated in the contract. 

3. In addition, all buyers can hire as many attorneys as they like...it is never up to any agent to restrict that. Frankly, it is none of their business!

9 Dumbest Things I Have Heard in a Florida Real Estate Transaction

#4 “Do not send me a copy of the inspection report!” 

Seller's Agent: Sends an e-mail to the buyer's agent prior to buyer’s home inspection requesting not to be sent a copy of the inspection report. 

Why not? 

Because if the buyer walks from the contract over too many house deficiencies, the agent can now pretend that they do not know anything about any house deficiencies, because they do not have a report. So much for “full disclosure”... 

We always send the seller's agent a copy of the inspection report. Even if our buyer does not buy the property, the seller ( and the seller’s agent) is supposed to disclose that to the next buyers. Do they comply? Typically...no! 

#5 “Who needs the A/C to work?” 

Seller's Agent says: “Buyer doesn't need the A/C to work because the seller never needed it…” 

Buyer’s Agent says: “It is irrelevant if the seller used or did not use the air conditioning. The HVAC is part of the home purchase and should be in good working order.” 

Seller's Agent: “Well then, we will just have it removed”...

Buyer’s Agent: “Seriously, you can’t just remove things just because they don’t work”. 

9 Dumbest Things I Have Heard in a Florida Real Estate Transaction

The seller and/or their salesperson cannot start dismantling the home just to get rid of the problems. Yes, we did negotiate a nice credit for the important things that were not working. 

#6 It’s not a problem because the seller was still able to get a mortgage… 

(The problem: Several missing trusses in the attic that were intentionally removed) .

9 Dumbest Things I Have Heard in a Florida Real Estate Transaction

Seller's Agent: “The cut-out roof trusses are a non-issue because the seller bought it that way and was still able to get a mortgage…”

Buyers Agent: “Missing trusses interfere in the integrity of the roof and mortgage lenders never ask about the roof trusses…” 

Seller's Agent: “Well, we are not fixing it because it was not a problem before”... 

Missing roof trusses are always a serious problem...trusses hold up the roof. This has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you will get a loan. Yes, we were able to take a nice credit at closing to beef up the missing trusses. 

#7 “Just don’t tell the buyer…” 

Seller's Agent: “Is your buyer interested in buying the house?” 

Buyer’s Agent: “Buyer is somewhat interested...but what is going on with the dirt road that dead ends into the property?” 

Seller’s Agent: “Oh yeah...that is going to be a 4 lane highway that leads right into Disney...won’t that be great?” 

Buyer’s Agent: “Ahhh, actually the buyer is not going to like a highway at the back door.” 

Seller's Agent: “Well, just don’t tell the buyer ! ” 

Buyers Agent: “Sorry, I always tell the buyers everything…” 

This is not the first time that I was asked “not to tell the buyer”. I always tell the buyer because not only is that my job, but I believe that the buyer needs to know everything that is negative about the house .

#8 “I am not going to give the inspection report to the seller.” 

9 Dumbest Things I Have Heard in a Florida Real Estate Transaction

After home inspections that revealed termites, electrical and other issues, we sent the inspection report to the seller’s agent. 

No response for 2 days: 

Buyer’s Agent: “Did you have a chance to review the inspection report with the seller?” 

Seller’s Agent: “No, I did not because the inspection report is only for the buyer...I am not giving it to the seller”.

Buyer’s Agent: “Well, we are going to request some things to be fixed, so it would be best if the seller reviewed the report first”. 

The seller's agent finally gave the seller the inspection report...surprisingly, the seller was cooperative in fixing all the items we requested. 

Agents are not supposed to withhold information from their client or make decisions for them. Only buyers and sellers are party to the contract and should be the only ones making the decisions. It is never up to the agent. 

#9 “Why would your buyer need a home inspection?” ...said the seller's agent. 

Buyer’s Agent: “Why would we not do one?” 

Seller's Agent: “Why would they waste money on a home inspection if the buyers are just planning on renting it out?” 

We never skip a home inspection because a good inspector always finds something that needs to be fixed, or the deficiencies may simply be a turn off to the buyer, and they no longer wish to buy the property. 

Whether or not the property is owner occupied or an investment property, a home inspection is always a must...problems are alway an expense to the buyer so they should know exactly what they are buying.

#10. Ok, I know I was supposed to do only 9 outrageous comments...but this is one that I just had to add: 

Buyers Agent: calls for showing instructions and asks about the alarm code... 

Seller's Agent: “Alarm code? I am not sure what the code is... 3221 or 3222 or maybe 3321... try those three.” 

Buyers Agent: “Where is the alarm located?” 

Seller’s Agent: “Alarm is in the laundry room to the right or maybe the room to the left...or maybe it's in the master...I don’t remember, but I do know that you only have 20 seconds to get there…” 

I hope you smiled...or at least admit you are lucky to have an option to hire us as your personal buyers agents. Call us 727-202-9130.

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