Million Dollar $$$ Condos in Clearwater Florida

Million Dollar $$$ Condos in Clearwater Florida…and the cost of luxury living                                                           

Million $$$ Condos in Clearwater Beach

Why is Clearwater Beach so desirable?

Clearwater beach is known for its white sand beaches that stretch for 2.5 miles along the gulf and sits on a barrier island. Barrier islands are build-ups of sand that form along the coast of larger land bodies.  Clearwater Beach is located just off the coast of the city of Clearwater.

Clearwater Beach has a full marina on the Intracoastal Waterway side. This is perfect for boaters who have no boat slip. This is linked on the south by a short bridge to another barrier island called Sand Key, where Sand Key Park is located. 

Sand Key Park is a common destination for athletic activities. People visit for beach/paved park runs and open water swims. Sand Key park also has a dog park and lifeguard on duty during parts of the year.

Keep scrolling down to learn about the prices of buying a Clearwater Condo on the beach with amazing views…

Million Dollar $$$ Condos in Clearwater Florida

Clearwater Beach is a Barrier Island…what's that?

Barrier islands are narrow stretches of land that run parallel to coastlines. Made up of deposited sand and vegetation. These islands can form protective barriers that reduce coastal erosion, purify water, and help protect wildlife and vegetation

Clearwater Beachfront Condos for Sale

Living on a barrier island is almost like living in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, with views to die for.  

Which is why Clearwater highrise condos are a big hit for those that want to enjoy the water, walk to restaurants or enjoy the fun things that Clearwater has to offer.

Beach Walk, the winding pedestrian promenade that extends from South Gulfview Boulevard to Mandalay Avenue on Clearwater Beach, is undergoing major million dollar renovations with an estimated completion end of 2023.

Beachwalk in Clearwater Beach

Access to the beach and businesses along Beach Walk will remain open to business owners and beachgoers. Beach Walk will be closed in sections beginning on the south end of Clearwater Beach working towards Pier 60. 

The goal for this project will be to keep access to the beach and businesses as open as possible, so the lucky people will get to enjoy all the beauty.

Since its opening in 2008, Beach Walk has hosted thousands of visitors and foot traffic a day.  The area requires daily maintenance and has required replacement of several amenities such as light bollards, benches, showers and landscaping throughout the beach walk.             

Clearwater Beach Rated #1

Let's talk about the cost of Clearwater Beach…

The price tag for a luxury ($1M +) beachfront condo will range mostly from $1-Million to $3-Million.  Of course you can also get a penthouse for up to  $10-Million.

Can the Beachfront Condos cost less?  Of course, but they might not be in a prime building, the location may not have any views,it may have no covered parking and it will be on a lower floor.. The size, location of the unit, the amenities,and the view will all come into play when deciding what the beachfront condo is valued.

Buy a condo walking distance to the beach$$$$$$$$$$$$

Here is the breakdown of the 57 Clearwater Beach Condo units that are currently available.  

57 Condo units available in Clearwater:

  • 46 units are priced between $1M-$2 Million
  • 7 units are priced $2-$3 Million
  • 4 units are priced at $3 Million+ ( up to $8M)

$1-2 Million 

The square footage ranges from 1500 to 2000 square feet, and the locations within the complex vary.

$2-3 Million

The square footage ranges from 2000-3000 square feet and most have wonderful views.

$3 Million +

The square footage ranges from 3500-4700 square feet. Units are higher in the building with panoramic views.The unit price is also driven by the building amenities.  

  • How old is the building?
  • Are there concierge services?
  • Do you have covered parking?
  • Do they allow your furry 4 legged friend?
  • Do they allow short term vacation rentals?
  • What is the maintenance fee and what does it cover?
  • Is it a desirable corner unit?

Having fun on Clearwater Beach

There are also Condo Hotels; typically less than the $1M mark.

A condo hotel, also known as a condotel, hotel condo, or a contel, is a building that is legally a condominium but operated as a hotel, offering short-term rentals of about 1 week duration.

A condo hotel, in contrast, provides the unit owner the expanded amenities of a hotel: room service, front desk check-in, housekeeping, and other amenities.

I have noticed that some Clearwater Condos that have a lot of rentals or AirBNB properties are priced at less.  I attribute that to the fact that tenants do not maintain the property/amenities as well as an owner occupant does. 

Several regular condos are now changing their rules to restrict an owner renting their property for the first 1-2 years, making it less desirable for a Real Estate investor. 

A bit of Fun News… 

Clearwater is Home To The World's Largest Speedboat!

At 72 feet long, the Sea Screamer is the biggest speed boat anywhere. With dual twin-turbocharged diesel engines, this impressive watercraft gets up to 35 miles per hour. 

It creates a wake dolphins love to play in, so expect close views. It's also a thrilling way to experience beautiful sunsets and see historic sites and celebrity mansions along the Waterfront.

Clearwater Condo for sale with water views
Fun Things to do…woof, woof!

Things to Do in ClearwaterBesides Clearwater’s white sand, turquoise water, it has close proximity to downtown's hotels, restaurants and attractions…making it one of the area's most popular beaches to visit!




Restaurants abound downtown Clearwater and beyond.


Music, theater – and not far from the beach


Make some memories at these attractions.

Clearwater Jolley Trolley 


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