St. Petersburg Voted Dog Friendliest City in the U.S.!


St. Petersburg Voted Dog Friendliest City in the U.S.!

Dog shops, dog beaches, dog parks, and even dog bars…St. Petersburg has it all for your four-legged furry friend.  This hasn’t gone unnoticed as St. Petersburg has been named the most-dog friendliest city in the country by SmartAsset. 

Several factors are taken into consideration when ranking the competition.  The main factors are the number of dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants, dog-friendly shopping centers, vet offices, and pet stores.  Other factors considered are walkability and the expected number of rainy days.

St. Petersbrug Voted Dog Friendliest City in the U.S.! 

These two metrics only helped St. Pete in the rankings considering it holds the world record title for sunniest days in a year giving it the nickname “The Sunshine City”.  SmartAssest applied these factors to the 97 largest cities in the country, and the math place St. Pete at the tippy top. 

Vital among the findings:  St. Pete has 2.3 dog parks per 100,000 people, 134 dog-friendly restaurants, 18 dog friendly shopping centers, and 84.5 of every 10,000 businesses are either pet stores or vet offices.  For pet care, St. Pete residents have access to the fifth-highest number of pet stores and vet offices (84.5 for every 10,000 establishments).  You will also find roughly 18 dog shops (third highest among all cities in the study) and 134 dog-friendly restaurants (39th-highest out of 97 cities.  

Tampa also made the charts finishing No. 3 in the rankings, offering a full 242 dog-friendly restaurants. 

Surfing at Ft. Desoto Dog Beach

The desire for dog food items consisting of high-quality ingredients that are void of toxins and chemicals extends to the pet industry, which is why you will find that St. Pete is filled with more pet boutiques that carry all natural, homemade, and ethically sourced food, treats, and more. 

In 2022, over $136.8 billion was spent on the pet industry in the U.S. alone.  While that figure includes all pets, dogs make up the majority of pet ownership in the U.S. with 69 million households caring for a four-legged furry friend.  

With dog parent numbers climbing, more accommodations are being made for pet owners to enjoy their favorite establishments and activities with their pets.

Many establishments in St. Pete, is not just about allowing your dog on the premises, but it is also about offering products and services for your pup too.  Many dog friendly restaurants offer doggie menus consisting of meals or treats safe for pets, including doggie ice cream.  

St. Pete has become increasingly popular by catering to both you and your pup, helping local businesses bring in customers.  A 2021 study of U.S. pet owners showed that 87% of pet owners would be more likely to buy products from a pet-friendly business

BEST DOG BARS IN ST. PETE….woof, woof, double woof!

St. Petersburg Dog Bars

DOG BAR.  True to its name, Dog Bar is a unique combination of an off-leash dog park and full-service bar.  The dog park is over 4,500 square feet of fenced-off leash fun for you pup, designed with Astroturf for easy cleanup and a more comfortable play surface.  The Dog Bar is strictly about dogs and requires all doggie patrons to have a membership to help ensure that all of the pups are healthy and nonaggressive.

PINELLAS ALE WORKS “PAW”. This is one of the most dog friendly breweries in St. Pete.  Their mission to brew good beer and give back to the community by hosting events benefitting Pinellas County animal related charities.  One of their best beers is the Milk Bone….this sweet stout is the beer version of café con leche.

GREEN BENCH BREWERY.  This is the ultimate spot to enjoy a craft beer with your pup.  They welcome dogs but ask that they remain on their leash.  While at Green Bench, try one of their light, refreshing beers, like the Sunshine City IPA. 

MUTTS AND MARTINIS.  This upscale sports bar features the first and only doggy splash pad. This establishment also requires a membership to help ensure the pups are healthy and non-aggressive.  If your pup is a bit timid join the New Shy and Anxious Dog Program to help your pup adjust to its new environment. Dog Friendly Restaurants in St. Petersburg


RED MESA MERCADO.  Red Mesa Mercado brings the urban drive-by dining style special to the streets of Southern California and Mexico to St. Pete.  Their quick, fresh and homemade take-out style Mexican food is a must try.  The covered patio makes for the perfect outing with your pup.

DOC FORDS RUM BAR AND GRILL. Doc Fords is located on the St. Pete Pier which is entirely dog friendly.  This restaurant is serving cocktails and Caribbean-inspired eats.  There are outdoor tables with umbrellas right on the water allowing you to dine with your pup while listening to live music.

Dog Menus in St. Pete

PARKSHORE GRILL.  Parkshore Grill is one of the only upscale dog friendly restaurants in St. Pete.  They have a designated Doggy Dining area with water bowels.  While there, give one of their steak or seafood dishes a try. It’s all yummy!



ST. PETERSBARK. St. Petersbark is passionate about healthy pets.  They believe dog health starts with the food they’re fed, so they have selected the highest quality natural dog food available.  Their expert staff is trained to recommend the best choices for your pet, and their philosophy is to nurture your loved one for the highest quality of life.Specialty Dog Shops in St. Petersburg

THREE DOG BAKERY.  Three Dog Bakery is dishing out unique treats for your pooch with names like “Woofie pie”, Barkin’ for “Smore”, and the “Bulldog Bar".  They also sell dog supplies like collars, leashes, wearables, and toys.

WOOF GANG BAKERY AND GROOMING.  Woof Gang Bakery and Grooming is a one stop shop for you pup.  With a staff that is devoted to the wellness of dogs they offer a variety of dog supplies and grooming services to choose from.  Whether the dog is a new puppy or senior dog, their helpful crew will help choose the perfect products. 


Ft. Desoto Off Leash Dog Beach

FT. DESOTO DOG BEACH. A section of Fort De Soto’s breathtaking shoreline is exclusively reserved for dogs and their owners, making it the perfect spot to let your pup run and play off-leash while meeting new friends. 

St. Pete Dog BeachFor pet parents a visit to St. Petersburg’s dog beach is an absolute must.
The dog beach is surrounded by thousands of  acres of protected land and bordered by turquoise waters.  

You and your dog will feel as if you are in paradise as you soak in the sun and swim in the warm and inviting Gulf. After a full day at the beach, head over to the nearby Paw Playground for a water 

St. Petersburg Dogs

break and to wash all the sand and seawater from your dog’s coat.  There are two separate fenced-in areas for small and large dogs at the playground, but the beach is open to all dogs of any breed, shape, or size.

Lets not forget the canine imposter who wants to sunbathe…Hey! It’s a cat!!  St. Petersburg is Cat Friendly

Gone are the days of feeling guilt from leaving your dog ( or cat)  at home. St. Petersburg is bustling with things to do with your pet and shops that cater to their health.  Whether it’s to a bar, restaurant, park, or the beach your pup has the option of adventure right by your side.

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St. Pete is a fabulous place to live for both you and your 4 legged family. Daily activity and always Fun in the Sun.  Your pooch and you will love it!

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