Tampa Bay Home Inspections...should you waive it?

Every homebuyer should do a home inspection regardless of how new or how good the property looks, or what any agent claims...  

In a sellers market, there are multiple offers and bidding wars on almost all properties...at least the good ones.  Sometimes homebuyers are desperate to get the winning bid, so they will “waive” the home inspection so that their offer looks “easier” for the seller.

My experienced answer is “DON’T DO IT”.  It is not smart to throw caution to the wind and hope you can live with the deficiencies you find after you move in...because you will find them later and I bet you will then wish you had done inspections.  Tampa Bay Home Inspections...should you waive it?

Protect yourself and never skip the home inspection.  Choose a home inspector based on their knowledge and who they will represent.  An inspector picked by the listing/sellers office because they are “friends” is NOT who you want to hire…Be smart and don’t settle for less. Ask us for a recommendation.

What Home Inspections should you have done?

Buyers Broker of Florida is a Buyer Brokerage office that only represents home buyers and never sellers. Our commission is paid like any other office in Florida…by the listing office or seller.  We recommend using a good inspector that will write up all the issues as they see it without toning it down to keep someone else happy.

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