Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection; Do Homebuyers Need One?

Tampa Wind Mitigation Report is a must have when buying a home…

Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection

According to the Insurance Institute the average Florida homeowners insurance is $6,000 per year and has risen 102% over the last 3 years.

Getting a Tampa Wind Mitigation inspection could lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

In 2007, the State of Florida mandated that if an existing home has positive features for wind mitigation, the home insurance company is required to provide a credit, discount, or lower insurance rate.

These savings would be applied to your windstorm coverage and apply to single family, condos, and townhomes.

A Tampa Wind Mitigation report can mean a saving of 10% to 40% off your homeowner insurance premium, depending upon the specific insurance carrier and where the home is located.

What does a Wind Mitigation report cover?

When purchasing a home, it is advisable to have a Tampa wind mitigation inspection done during the transaction, so you can implement the savings right away at closing.

Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspections are conducted by home inspectors that are licensed to conduct wind mitigation evaluations, so it can be done at the same time as your home inspection.  

It is usually cheaper to have the wind mitigation report completed during your home inspection.   If the inspector has to do a separate trip, the fee will be higher.  Your insurance agent or buyer’s agent can also recommend a Tampa wind mitigation inspector.

The Wind Mitigation report is a separate report that would need to be completed, and photos taken of the necessary components.  

All of Florida is in a hurricane region, and the insurance companies want to see documentation of the building features that would reduce damage to the structure in the event of high winds.

A Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection Report includes: 

Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection

  • Roof Covering:  This considers roof materials such as shingle, tile, or metal roof.
  • Roof Deck Attachment: This evaluates how the roof deck is attached to the underlying structure.  It describes the screw and nails used to prevent the roof from lifting.
  • Roof to Wall Attachment:  This evaluates the home for additional connections to the roof such as hurricane straps or clips.  Older homes may or may not have them.
  • Roof Geometry:  The roof shape can offer additional savings. Hip roof shape (like a pyramid) can shed wind better than other shapes.  If the roof is not totally a hip shape such as 70% to 90% is hip roof, you still may be able to qualify for the hip shape discount.
  • Secondary Water Barrier:  This has to do with the additional water barrier under the roof covering.  A common example is a self-adhering polymer membrane called peel and stick underlayment.
  • Opening Protection: Additional strength impact resistant windows that can withstand 9 pounds of pressure or impact. 4.5 pounds for skylights.  Or the home has storm shutters.

What is the cost for Tampa Wind Mitigation Report?

The cost for a Tampa wind mitigation report ranges from $75-150.Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection

Once the report is completed, you turn it over to your insurance agent to get your insurance savings. 

The effective date of your savings will be the date of your new homeowner’s insurance when purchasing a home, or the date your existing insurance company receives your report (savings would not be retroactive to your renewal date).

Can you do a Wind Mitigation Report on a Condo?

Yes, you can do one if an inspector who can gain access to and evaluate the roof information.  You may even get credit if there is just concrete in between the floors.  It may be easier to see if the condo association has one on file. That can be used instead and there is no charge for it.

Can I use the Sellers Wind Mitigation Report?

Yes, if the seller has a full report with photos since the roof was installed, then you can use it as long as it is less than 5 years old.

Is there an instance when I do not need a Wind Mitigation Report?

  • New Construction:  New construction homes do not normally need a Wind Mitigation Report, unless it is needed to document special wind mitigation features.
  • The roof is original to the home.  It is not needed unless you need to document the roof shape or impact resistant windows or storm shutters.  

Please note that if a roof is over 15 years old some carriers will need to know what the useful life left on the roof, which can be documented in a separate insurance report by the home inspector.  It is called 4 Point Inspection.

It is advisable that you work with a knowledgeable buyer’s agent and insurance agent to determine if you need a wind mitigation report, so you do not miss out on an opportunity.

Who can perform a Wind Mitigation Report?

Tampa Wind Mitigation Inspection

A licensed home inspector, a building code inspector, licensed general building and residential contractor, and professional architects and engineers. 

Discounts for adding Wind Mitigation Features to your Home

The State of Florida is offering a discount program for homeowners that want to add wind mitigation features to their home through My Safe Florida Home.  The State will pay $2 for every $1 you pay up to $10,000.  Not only does this offer a discount on services it may offer you savings on your insurance premium.  

The process starts with a free Wind Mitigation report in July when the program is funded again. 

Buyers Broker of Florida wants to make sure all our home buying clients are aware of their options, and ways to save money when purchasing a home.  Buying a home is a huge  purchase and every little bit of savings counts. 

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