Why do out-of State Buyers move to Tampa Bay?

Why do Out-of State buyers move to Tampa Bay?

Never Get Stuck in the Snow……EVER AGAIN!

You may have guessed it!  

The #1 reason buyers move to Tampa Bay is the weather.  We love to hear when the rest of the U.S. is having a major blizzard because following that, people start to think about relocating to a warmer climate, such as Tampa Bay. 

Why do Out-of State Buyers move to Tampa Bay?

The Weather in Tampa Bay is Perfect! 

St. Petersburg holds the Guinness Book of World Record Title for most sunniest days in a row giving it the nickname the “THE SUNSHINE CITY”.  


The average high temperature (Fahrenheit) in Tampa Bay last year was 82 degrees.  The season’s peak occurred in August at 92 degrees, and the low was 40 degrees during the month of January.


The average total rainfall in Tampa Bay was 46.9 inches.  The season’s peak occurred in August with 7.6 inches, with 2.8 inches of rainfall during the month of March. 


The average normal humidity in Tampa was 74%.  The season’s highest occurred at 78% in September, and low was 69% in April.

What can you do in Tampa Bay with all of this Sunshine?

It’s time to get rid of most of your coats because you might not need them at all when you move to Tampa Bay.  

Outdoor activities are abundant! You can play outside all year round.

Check Out the fun things that are available...

Outdoor Fun in Tampa Bay

Click Here for a 10-day Tampa weather forecast:

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Are you thinking about moving to Tampa Bay?

Need more information?  Tell us what you need and we can discuss your best thome buying options.  Coming for a visit?  Let us show you the reason that homebuyers want to live right here. 

The Tampa area real estate market is still hot, hot, hot with Zillow naming Tampa Bay as the hottest markets in 2022. Out of state buyers are still flocking to this diamond of an area.  While inventory is tight, the home values are appreciating and the area real estate is very much in demand.

Our Speciality is helping Home Buyers.  They are relocating from other parts of the U.S or another continent, to the Tampa Bay area. so we sure can help you prepare for the transition and purchase in Florida.    

Contact Tayna @ Buyers Broker of Florida at 727-202-9130. 

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