Why I Love Difficult St. Petersburg Home Buyers!

Why I Love Difficult St. Petersburg Home Buyers!      

Why I Love Difficult St. Petersburg Home Buyers!

  • They know what they want
  • They are committed to buying
  • They test my skills and knowledge

What do difficult St. Pete Home Buyers really want?

That is not a simple question to answer, as each difficult homebuyer has specific needs.  On occasion we cannot help them because what they want really does not exist.

However, once we have a deeper friendly chat about the St. Petersburg housing market (complete with examples) the difficult home buyers tend to soften and alter their list of wants to something more manageable.

Are St. Petersburg Homebuyers really that Picky?

They can be…you bet…but so what?  It's their hard earned money they choose to spend wisely so they have the right not to settle…I am good with that.

These difficult home buyers in St. Pete may drive other real estate agents crazy, but I can handle that. This is business and nothing personal, besides I like being challenged.  

How does the saying go?  No pain, no gain?  No one grows and gets better until they are forced to stretch outside their comfort level.St. Petersburg Home Buyers

I have worked with all kinds of home buyers for St.Pete and lately it seems that everyone is more  careful about spending their money.


Underneath all that determination is a unique and cool person. I want to meet them and learn their backstory…

Why do I get the difficult home buyers?

Difficult home buyers often call us after they have unsuccessfully used some regular agents or they cannot find what they are looking for.  

They have learned about exclusive buyer agency and realized that an agent that is dedicated to working exclusively with homebuyers might be able to do a better job of finding the right property.

Sometimes the buyers call us after they are already under contract to buy a property.  These buyers are in a pickle and hope we can solve their problem.  We can’t.  Too late…way too late…we refer them to an attorney.

We also get referrals from all over the country, often from real estate agents that we don’t know. Even traditional real estate agents in other states are aware that calling an Exclusive Buyers Agent is the safest bet to closing their St. Pete deal and get that referral fee.

Why St. Petersburg Homes Buyers Should Buy

What Questions do I need to ask Home Buyers buying in St. Petersburg? 

First, I have to figure out who they really are and what makes them tick…I need to know their wants, needs and budget. 


  • How serious are they? 
  • What are they searching for?
  • What have they experienced?
  • Why are they still looking? 
  • Have they made any offers?
  • What happened to the offers?
  • How did they learn about us?

Sometimes I have to save my hard questions for later. Difficult home buyers do not like to divulge much until you pass their test and they decide they like and trust you. 

The more I know about them the easier it is for me to start my research and find the right property match in St. Petersburg.

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What is the draw to buying in St. Petersburg FL?

St. Petersburg is unique.  There are about 1500 homes for sale…all sizes and prices up to $13 Million.  There are small quaint cottages up to waterfront mansions.

In fact, St. Petersburg is the waterfront capital of Florida’s west coast with the best priced direct waterfront in the tri-city of Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater.

Downtown St. Petersburg is where all the action is with weekly activities.  Like to eat out? St. Pete has the biggest choice of mom and pop restaurants.

My Favorite Difficult Home Buyer Client 

I opened up my own Buyer Brokerage Office in 1992. I had only completed three transactions since being licensed… that means I only sold 3 properties before I became my own broker.  I was a total greenhorn. I didn't even know how to fill out a contract, because no one ever taught me.

My office was a small room in the back of a mortgage company next to the bathroom.  But I was excited, and looking forward to getting busy with real estate. I waited and waited. No buyers came in and for three months, my phone never rang a single time.

One day this lady comes in like a tornado and demands my resume. I did not know I needed one, and even if I did know that, I had nothing to put on it…like I said:  I was a newbie. 

Her name was Marge.  She had just fired her real estate agent (or maybe they fired her) and could not find any other agent that she wanted to work with (or that was willing to work with her).  I don’t even know how she found me as my office was on a side street with no traffic or visibility.

Nonetheless she was an investor and she asked me if I could “hustle” for her.  Of course I could hustle…I needed the money.

She talked a big talk but I quickly understood that she knew more about real estate than I did, so I listened closely. I learned fast track.

St. Petersburg Home Buyers Make Money

We started looking at cheap $10,000 condos for sale that were in the seediest part of town.  She did not care what these dumps looked like…she was only interested in how much the units would rent for and could she make money on her investment. 

She bought a couple of units…one that had all black painted walls and ceilings with maggots squirming on the walls.  The other one had bullet holes in the bedroom windows.  She was unfazed;  I guarded my car.


We almost puked going in some of the units because they smelled so bad, but she was never bothered by anything. She was focused only on making money. I made a mere $500 on each unit.

I learned from her how to size up a property and that it does not need to be something fancy to make money. Contrary to what most investors want, the property does not need to be pretty in order to be a money maker. 

She stuck with me for the next 30+ years because she claims she never lost money with me…a welcome compliment.

She was an ex-cop, turned private investigator and later a contractor and the smartest woman that I know.  

But she was sometimes obnoxious, stubborn, and abrasive… let's just say she was not a people person.  She will be the first to admit that.

I later ended up selling her dozens of nicer homes in several cities in Florida and I learned that underneath her crusty exterior is a very interesting person.

Today, I finally know more about real estate than she does …


Since I now understand her, she has become one of my close friends.

The moral of the story…Never underestimate a difficult homebuyer in St. Petersburg.  If you are one, Call me (Eve Alexander Cell 727-293-5866). 

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