Love what we do...

A buyer asked: “Why did you choose to be a Buyers Broker and not list property to make more money?”

Frankly, I already make good money and I have awesome job satisfaction.

I love being able to tell it like it is…no secrets
I love not pretending to represent two parties with opposing interests
I love knowing that I saved the buyers time, money, effort and anxiety
I love getting kudos for a job well done
I love happy endings...

What we do…
We do search high and low for your perfect home
We do analyse the property: Is it worth buying?
We do help you create a home buying offer strategy
We do keep your finances and personal info confidential
We do renegotiate the contract when needed
We do check for property permits and liens
We do review the appraisal and survey
We do attend home inspections...with or without you
We do a final walkthrough prior to closing to assure that the property is in the same condition as when you purchased it. You don’t even need to be there...

What we don’t do…
Never represent a seller...not even a little bit
Never dilute your 100% Buyer Loyalty
Never “double dip”...or make double commission
Never have a conflict of interest; our loyalty is only to you
Never accept “kickbacks” from auxiliary services or vendors
Never have an obligation to “promote” certain properties
Never act as a Transaction Broker/Facilitator
Never pressure you to is always your decision.
Never keep secrets from you...even if the news is a deal killer.

OUR COMMISSION: Exclusive Buyer Brokers get paid just like any other Real Estate Office. We are paid either by the Listing Broker/ Listing office or from the sellers proceeds at closing.

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