Our Unparalleled Experience as Buyers Broker

Getting a Florida Real Estate License is easy...knowing what to do with it takes experience...

A Florida Real Estate Licensee does not need to be experienced to turn a key and show you homes. Anyone with a Real Estate License can unlock the door to a property...

It only takes 63 hours of an internet course, a few hundred dollars, and a simple written test, to acquire a Real Estate License and be open for business.

In contrast, to get a license to cut someone’s hair it takes a whopping 1200 hours of hands on training...wow!

While a haircut costs less than $100, a house will cost $ hundreds of thousands $ of your hard earned money. Buying a home is probably the biggest financial commitment a person will make in their lifetime.

In addition...while a bad haircut will grow out, a poor home buying decision will last forever...think about it!!

It takes years of experience to effectively work for only the best interest of the home buyer...to know how to:

  • Select the best properties to view
  • Evaluate the condition of the property
  • Determine what the property is worth
  • Know how and what to negotiate to save the buyer money
  • Write a contract favorable to the buyers best interest
  • Represent the buyer with confidence and expertise
  • Navigate the nuances of buying a smart investment
  • Make sure that the buyer is getting everything that they are entitled to.

We are the Experts

Our team is made up of experienced and savvy Buyers Brokers that understand all facets of a real estate transaction. We each have many advanced designations and regularly take advanced classes. We strive to continually take specialty classes in order to stay abreast of the latest trends, laws and markets in order to provide our clients with top notch services and latest information.

We do understand: Contracts, Negotiations, Short sales, Foreclosures,1031 Exchange, Home Inspections, Resale homes, New Construction, Vacant Land, Land locked property, Fixer uppers, Pools, Surveys, Home Loans, Escrow, Appraisals, Title Insurance, Agency Law, Multiple offers and the duties required of both buyers and sellers.

We have been in business since 1992, solving problems for the home buyer with our unique service and expertise. That has earned us a reputation as the top Buyer Brokerage office in the state of Florida…Check out our reviews.

The media also seeks our experienced Real Estate opinions…

We have been featured in Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Washington Post, LA Times, Orlando Sentinel, Contra Costa Times, Sun-Sentinel Newspaper, Broward Review News, Inman News, Bloomberg News, Florida Association of Realtors Magazine and the National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents.

Not every real estate transaction is smooth sailing…sometimes issues come up that need to be re-negotiated or new decisions need to be made.

You have worked hard for your money...let us help you invest it wisely.

Why settle for less? Call us for a no pressure, confidential phone chat.

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