Why Choose Us? Buyers Broker of Florida

Why Choose Us? Buyers Broker of Florida

Homebuying does not have to be overwhelming…

Are you stressed about home buying?

Worried about overpaying?

Don’t know where to start or who to trust?

We can make your home buying easy and worry free...

Since 1992, our business model has been “Exclusive Buyer Agency” where all buyer clients are treated like royalty and where your personal home buying needs always come first.

We even put that in writing...

Florida has about 455,000 Licensed Real Estate Agents. There are more Real Estate Licensees in Florida than in any other State in the US, including California.  Yet, less than .001% work Exclusively for the Buyer in a true Buyer Brokerage Office which is a specialty niche that very few offices qualify for. We know you have choices and do appreciate your business. 

Other brokers work primarily as “Transaction Brokers” that offer “0” fiduciary duties and “0” loyalty to you, the home buyer. That's the law…

While a typical agent prefers listings and works to get the seller the highest price; we work only for the home buyer’s best interest with full and undivided fiduciary duties.

Our passion and unwavering loyalty is to negotiate the best price and most favorable terms for our buyer clients...we never play on both sides of the fence.

As Exclusive Buyer Brokers we offer Full Fiduciary Services only to the home buyer:

  • 100% Loyalty (we are always on your side)
  • 100% Confidentiality (we don’t blab about who you are or what’s in your wallet)
  • 100% Full Disclosure (we tell you everything: the good,the bad and the ugly)
  • 100% Representation on any and all properties. (no bait and switch)

As a fully licensed Florida Real Estate Office we choose not to list homes or represent sellers so that we never have a conflict of interest while representing you as a buyer.

Our Unparalleled Experience

We Love What We Do