Tampa Bay Real Estate Market Statistics and Information

Tampa Bay Market Statistics
Learn about the latest Tampa Bay Market Statistics. You will find current median price of home, inventory levels, contracts, interest rates to name a few...This will help any prospective buyer become familiar with Tampa Bay Real Estate Market.

Home Buying Tips and Information

Truth About Florida Real Estate Home Flippers
The truth about Florida’s Real Estate Flippers is something most home buyers are not aware of as it is rarely talked about. Let's face it...Home Buyers love pretty houses...buyers like new stuff. Buyers like to see updated homes. But is the “new camouflage” really worth it? Are some of these renovations hiding more secrets than home buyers suspect?...you better believe it!. Watch some true stories in this video... So is a flipper house worth buying? Maybe, or maybe not. I have seen more flipper disasters
3 Tips for Buying a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion
The experience of the Buyers Agent can either make or break a deal. More things for the buyer's representative to understand, negotiate, or renegotiate. In some instances, there are other things attached to the purchase of the house, i.e. furnishings, the car, the boat, and others. Buying a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion in the Tampa Bay area is not child's play. It's your hard earned money at stake...be smart and protect your investment. Got questions? Call Buyers Broker of Florida at 727-202-9130.
13 Steps to be a World Class Negotiator
My theory on negotiating is... That you will never know what you can get until you ask. The secret is you have to learn how to ask. Unless you negotiate for a living, let someone else do it for you. But if you are stuck and need a crash course, then here are your best negotiation tips: 1. It’s only business, never personal. 2. Read your agreement or document. 3. Give no more information than you need to. 4. Who are the players? 5. Offer no more than you need to. 6. Use your poker face, no reaction. 7. Wh
9 Dumbest Things I have Heard in Florida Real Estate
With multiple decades of real estate experience, watch the ironic things we have heard.
Are you a Picky Home Buyer
7 Top Tips to Snag a Home in a Difficult Market… Before I commit to helping a buyer I need to know about them. I want to understand what kind of properties a buyer has looked at, made offers on, or lost out on. Most importantly, I want to know what the buyer is thinking and hoping to buy. I listen carefully…either the buyer has terrible luck in finding something or they have an agent that is not experienced or maybe they really are just plain unreasonable. My job is to figure out the problem and see if
Buying a Home Site Unseen in Tampa Bay
In todays market, homes are sold very quickly. Some out of town buyers. mayu have to consider buying site unseen. Learn more about this process.
The Biggest Misconception when Buying a Home
Buyers do not realize some of the first steps in consider a home purchase. Home Buyers in Florida have a right to be represented in a real estate purchase. Learn more about the steps to take. Tayna Alexander, Exclusive Buyers Broker and Attorney represents a home buyers interests always.
10 Biggest Misconceptions in Home Buying
Watch this before you buy your Tampa Bay home. Learn about 10 tips when purchasing a Tampa Real Estate. Would you like to speak with a Buyers Broker? Contact us at 727-202-9130.

Helpful Homebuyer Contract Topics

Can You Renegotiate Your House on Closing Day?
Let’s face it, if you are buying a fixer upper property that you plan to renovate, then it is considered acceptable if “things” are not perfect. However, if you are buying a nice house and more importantly paying top market dollar, then you should not be expected to start fixing problems that were not there 30 days ago, when you bought the property. Worried about buying a home? We can make it easy... CALL Buyers Broker of Florida for a confidential and complimentary chat about your best home buying opti
If you do not qualify for financing, what happens?
You are under contract and you determine you cannot qualify for financing. Oh no, now what? Tayna Alexander, Tampa Buyers Broker and Attorney breaks it down for you.
What does "As-Is" Mean in a Florida Real Estate Contract?
One of the Florida Real Estate approved contract is an "As-Is" Contract. This contract is very popular in Tampa Bay Real Estate Market. What does this mean for a home buyers. Tayna Alexander, Attorney and Exclusive Buyers Agent explains.
If I ask for repairs, can a seller cancel the Florida Real Estate Contract?
The home you are buying reviewed more repairs than expected. What do you do now that you have agreed to an "As-Is" Contract. Buyer Broker of Florida explains the options. Tayna Alexander, represents home buyers in their real estate purchase.

New Construction Tips and Tricks

Should you Use a Builders Lender?
Thinking about Buying New Construction in Tampa Bay. One decision you may need to make is whether to use the Builders Lender? There are Pro's and Con's to using the builder preferred lender in new construction. Watch this video to see what to consider. Buyers Broker of Florida always represents the best interest in home buying.
Top 2 Tips for New Construction Tampa Bay
New construction can be complicated. We do have experienced buyers broker to walk home buyers through the process. There is a lot to know. Tayna Alexander Attorney and Buyers Broker starts with the basics.

Learn about the Lifestyle and Events in our Local Tampa Bay Cities

St. Petersburg Farmers Market Largest in the Southeast
St. Petersburg Farmers Market is the largest in the Southeast. Over 150 vendors full of local flavor and even plenty of places to eat. Reserve your Saturday for St. Petersburg downtown outing!

Learn about working with an Exclusive Buyers Agent and Buyer Agency

Why You Should Be Represented in Real Estate Purchase
It is in the buyers best interest to have representation in a real estate purchase with an advocate on their side. Buyers Broker of Florida is a exclusive buyer agency and members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agency (NAEBA). Buyers Broker of Florida serves Tampa Bay Florida. Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota County can be reached 727-202-9130. https://www.TamapaBuyersBroker.com
Why choose an Exclusive Buyers Agent
Buyers Broker of Florida are Exclusive Buyers Agents that represent only home buyers. They are members of National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents, that adhere to loyalty, confidentiality and obedience representing the buyers interest from search for a home to inspections to financing. Buyers Broker of Florida serves Tampa Bay Florida. Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, and Sarasota County can be reached 727-202-9130. https://www.TamapaBuyersBroker.com
Tampa Luxury Buyers Agent
Benefits of using a Luxury Buyer Agent in your real estate purchase.